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Android status and notification symbols and icons

G11th April 2013

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A guide to Android status and notification symbols

The Android operating system has a notification bar displayed at the top of the screen. This space is used to notify users of the device’s connectivity status or advise the user of incoming messages, emails or updates.

The following acronyms are used to indicate signal type:

  • E = EDGE = Enhanced Data rates for GSM Evolution (2G)
  • G = GPRS = General packet radio service (2G/3G)
  • 3G = UTMS = Universal Mobile Telecommunications System
  • H = HDSPA = High-Speed Downlink Packet Access (4G)

The following is a tabular guide to status and notification icons that enables their meanings to be understood.

Status Icons


Notification Icons




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  • Written by Shannon on 19 June 2014:

    Thanks… Found what I needed to know.

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