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HTTPS for Free

Posted 29th January 2017

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For those wishing to serve their website securely over HTTPS (Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure) via SSL/TLS, there is now a free option for obtaining the necessary certificates.

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Redirect HTTP to HTTPS

Posted 28th October 2015

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Use .htaccess to redirect all server traffic from HTTP to HTTPS

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Installing SilverStripe CMS

Posted 17th February 2014


Installing the SilverStripe content management system on an Apache server isn’t easy, but these instructions will guide you through.

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Cross-domain support for embeded @font-face fonts in Firefox and Internet Explorer

Posted 13th October 2013


A simple approach to getting cross-domain support for embedded @font-face fonts in Firefox and Internet Explorer.

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Creating a single ‘latest photos’ RSS feed in Gallery 3 with a friendly URL

Posted 8th September 2011


Use mod_rewrite and a few modules to provide your Gallery 3 visitors with a single, SEO-friendly RSS feed showing links to just your latest photo uploads.

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Hide file extensions, add trailing slash with .htaccess

Posted 3rd July 2011


Instructions on how to use the .htaccess file to remove file extensions from web page URLs, add a trailing slash and keep your CSS and JavaScript files working.

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