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Easily create QR Codes in Word

G16th May 2018 

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Did you know that it is possible to generate fully-functional QR codes in Microsoft Word using mail merge without the need for third-party plugins?

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Batch convert a folder of DOCX files to PDF

G20th April 2016 

C11 comments

Use this handy PowerShell script to convert all Microsoft Word DOCX files in a directory into Adobe Acrobat PDF files.

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VBA: Test if a font is installed when a Word file opens

G3rd December 2015 

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If a required font is missing, this script will alert a user that the font needs to be installed on their local computer before a Microsoft Word file will display properly.

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VBA: Automatically format specific text in Microsoft Word

G14th October 2015 

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Use this simple Visual Basic for Applications (VBA) script to reformat any text string within Microsoft Word.

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Format mail-merge date fields in Microsoft Word

G16th July 2015 

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Microsoft Word will format dates as mm/dd/yyyy as the default in mail merge documents. The field codes can be changed to enable dates in any format.

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