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Use PowerShell to copy all files with a certain name or extension

Use this simple PowerShell script to batch copy files from one location to another on your computer.

A manager at work recently asked me to provide him with a copy of some Excel data files. Unfortunately those data files were scattered amongst 40 different directories. Locating them all and then copying them to another directory would be a massive chore.

Thankfully PowerShell came to the rescue.

The following script has three parameters that need to be specified:

In the example below, files need to have either the word “research” in their name or or the .xlsx file extension to be copied. The $files parameter can be adjusted to include as many rules as are required. The directory c:\files will be searched and any matching files copied to f:\archive.

$source="c:\files" #location of starting directory
$destination="f:\archive"; #location where files will be copied to
$files=@("*research*", "*.xlsx")

New-Item -ItemType Directory -Force -Path ($destination); Get-ChildItem -recurse ($source) -include ($files) | Copy-Item -Destination ($destination)

The source directory will be recursed by default. Simply remove the -recurse command if this is not desired.


If your destination directory is located within the source directory, then a “Cannot copy item onto itself” error will be displayed in PowerShell. Even if this occurs and the errors are displayed, the script will still work.



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