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SQL to CSV via Python, with Headers

G7th June 2019 

CNo comments

Nifty Python code that converts a SQL database file into a CSV file and includes column headers.

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Merge multiple CSVs with PowerShell

G28th June 2016 

C8 comments

Use this simple PowerShell script to merge multiple CSV/TSV/TXT files into one.

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Convert CSV to XLSX via PowerShell

G9th March 2016 

C37 comments

A nifty PowerShell script that will take a delimited CSV file and convert it to a XLSX file.

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VBA: Convert text to columns for all worksheets in Excel

G26th November 2015 

C5 comments

A small Visual Basic for Applications (VBA) script which will loop through all sheets in an Excel workbook and convert text to columns.

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Combine multiple CSVs into one XLSX via PowerShell

G25th November 2015 

C17 comments

A convenient PowerShell script that will detect all of the CSV files in a directory and merge them into a single XLSX file. Each CSV becomes a worksheet in the XLSX.

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Batch rename files using PowerShell and a CSV

G23rd November 2015 

C7 comments

Use this simple PowerShell script to change hundreds or thousands of file names automatically, based on a CSV.

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Automatically delete files listed in a CSV

G26th September 2014 

CNo comments

A PowerShell script that reads a list of files in a CSV and deletes them from a computer drive automatically.

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