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Perl script to unzip files

Posted 9th November 2016

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A Perl script that will unzip files by extracting contents and saving them to a new directory named after the source zip file.

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Use a batch file to run your PowerShell scripts

Posted 1st August 2016


This simple batch file will enable a PowerShell script file (*.ps1) to execute with Administrator permissions in Windows.

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Folder or file browser dialogues in PowerShell

Posted 28th July 2016


Make life easy for the users of your scripts: Rather then entering file/folder paths at the command line, let them select from a GUI dialogue box.

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Merge multiple CSVs with PowerShell

Posted 28th June 2016


Use this simple PowerShell script to merge multiple CSV/TSV/TXT files into one.

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Powershell: Add or remove the ‘Read Only’ attribute from files

Posted 8th February 2016

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Use Microsoft PowerShell to add or remove the ‘read only’ attribute from large batches of files in a directory.

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Batch save images into a new format via PowerShell

Posted 18th December 2015

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Use a PowerShell script to copy all images in a directory and save them into a different image file format.

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Batch rename files using PowerShell and a CSV

Posted 23rd November 2015


Use this simple PowerShell script to change hundreds or thousands of file names automatically, based on a CSV.

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Script to list files by type and size, export to Excel

Posted 1st July 2014


Instructions for using a Windows PowerShell script to compile computer file data and export the results to Excel as a tab-delimited CSV.

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