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Stop WordPress plugins loading jQuery

G23rd June 2014 

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A quick method for stopping most WordPress plugins from loading an independent instance of jQuery (and thus avoiding conflicts).

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Loading two versions of jQuery to support IE6-8 and modern browsers

G26th September 2013 

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Instructions for implementing jQuery 1.x and 2.x to provide continued support for IE6, 7 and 8 whilst enjoying the benefits of jQuery 2.0 for all modern browsers.

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Creating a pure CSS ‘Print Friendly’ page accessible via a hyperlink

G20th September 2013 

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In this tutorial, I shall demonstrate how to create a ‘Print Friendly’ version of your website with pure CSS and how to employ a small piece of JavaScript to make it accessible via a single click.

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Getting jQuery Media Plugin to work in IE9

G14th July 2011 

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Instructions for getting the jQuery Media Plugin ( to work in Internet Explorer 9 (IE9)

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