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Run a PowerShell script directly from GitHub Gist

Posted 9th April 2018


Simple code that enables you to host your PowerShell scripts on GitHub Gist but execute them from a local machine.

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Transferring packages between different versions of R

Posted 31st July 2017

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Use a couple of small scripts to easily “transfer” installed packages between different installations or versions of R.

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UNC path from local path in PowerShell

Posted 23rd February 2017


Use this simple PowerShell code to convert a local path into an UNC path.

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Download all PDFs from a web page via PowerShell

Posted 6th December 2016


Use PowerShell to download every PDF from a web page and save them to a nominated folder.

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Upload files to an SFTP server via PowerShell

Posted 11th November 2016


Easily transfer files from a local drive to a Secure File Transfer Protocol (SFTP) server using PowerShell. This script is useful for automating file transfers.

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PowerShell: Creation date into filenames

Posted 5th August 2016

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Insert a file’s creation date into its file name using a simple piece of PowerShell scripting.

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Use a batch file to run your PowerShell scripts

Posted 1st August 2016


This simple batch file will enable a PowerShell script file (*.ps1) to execute with Administrator permissions in Windows.

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Folder or file browser dialogues in PowerShell

Posted 28th July 2016


Make life easy for the users of your scripts: Rather then entering file/folder paths at the command line, let them select from a GUI dialogue box.

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DOS 8.3 short paths via PowerShell

Posted 5th July 2016

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Use this PowerShell script to discover the DOS 8.3 path name for any selected folder in Windows.

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Merge multiple CSVs with PowerShell

Posted 28th June 2016


Use this simple PowerShell script to merge multiple CSV/TSV/TXT files into one.

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