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VBA: Delete all Excel columns except those named

G16th September 2015 

C2 comments

Use this simple VBA script to delete all columns in a worksheet except those that are specifically named.

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VBA: Create a list of all external data references in Excel

G15th September 2015 

C3 comments

Use this simple Visual Basic for Applications script to list every external link within an Excel workbook.

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Script to list image files by size and resolution, export to Excel

G24th September 2014 

C8 comments

Instructions for using PowerShell to export a list of images and their properties to Excel as a tab-delimited CSV.

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Automatically update Pivot Tables in Excel

G15th July 2014 

CNo comments

A simple VBA script that refreshes (updates) all Pivot Tables within an Excel workbook after any change to a worksheet.

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