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/dev/build & flush in SilverStripe

An explanation of dev/build, flush and other related functions in SilverStripe.

When performing functions like upgrading SilverStripe or making changes to templates, there’s a need to ‘refresh’ the CMS in order to view the new changes. This is achieved via URL variables. There are a few different variants, so here’s a list of what each does:


?flush (or ?flush=1)

Note: The =1 in the URL is not necessary


Forgot to log in?

In order for these URLs to work, one needs to have an active login to the back-end. A common trap for new players is making changes to SilverStripe without being logged-in, then attempting to /dev/build and hitting problems because the site won’t load until it’s built and can’t be built until the user is logged-in.

The workaround is to add &isDev=1 to the URL; for example

A pop-up prompt will request the username and password for the CMS.

Yet more functionality

SilverStripe have compiled a complete list of URL variable tools on their website.



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