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VBA: Create a list of all external data references in Excel

Posted 15th September 2015


Use this simple Visual Basic for Applications script to list every external link within an Excel workbook.

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Applying dates to normalised data in Excel

Posted 19th July 2015

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Use this formula to apply dates to all variables in a normalised linear list data set in Excel.

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VBA: List all formulae in an Excel workbook

Posted 2nd July 2015


Described is a convenient method for using VBA scripts to extract every formula from a Microsoft Excel workbook and create a list of them in a separate sheet for later reference or backup.

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Easily generate Code 128 barcodes in Excel

Posted 29th May 2015


This simple methodology can be employed to reliably generate Code 128 barcodes in Excel.

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Combining R1C1 and A1-style cell referencing in Excel

Posted 11th May 2015


Use R1C1 cell referencing in Excel equations whilst the programme is still set to A1-style.

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Posted 22nd January 2015

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INDEX MATCH represents a much better way to search for data in Excel tables than VLOOKUP because this combination is much more versatile.

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Automatically add columns and formulae then fill-down in Excel

Posted 21st January 2015


Some simple VBA code to add columns in Excel, insert specific formulae at the top then fill-down to the bottom of the sheet.

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VLOOKUP in Excel with multiple criteria

Posted 3rd December 2014

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An alternative to VLOOKUP in Excel that permits a search based on multiple criteria.

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Sum of Column B, based on values in Column A

Posted 28th November 2014

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Use an array formula to calculate selected values in one column, based on parameters in another.

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Script to list image files by size and resolution, export to Excel

Posted 24th September 2014


Instructions for using PowerShell to export a list of images and their properties to Excel as a tab-delimited CSV.

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