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Enabling SSL and HTTPS on a WordPress site

Posted 13th November 2016

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Step-by-step instructions for enabling your WordPress blog or website to be served over HTTPS using SSL or TLS.

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Combining Open Graph meta tags with valid HTML5

Posted 27th June 2014


Maintain a valid HTML5 website whilst using Facebook’s Open Graph meta tags on your static page or WordPress blog.

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Stop WordPress plugins loading jQuery

Posted 23rd June 2014

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A quick method for stopping most WordPress plugins from loading an independent instance of jQuery (and thus avoiding conflicts).

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WordPress turns ‘Responsive’

Posted 17th December 2013

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With the release of WordPress 3.8 comes a mobile-friendly back-end.

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Blog comment spam statistics: An insight

Posted 2nd August 2013

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Statistics showing how much comment spam my blog has received since December 2007.

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Display WordPress stories and images on a non-WordPress web page

Posted 20th June 2013


Step-by-step instructions for including WordPress blog content on non-WordPress static web pages. This method is ideal for advertising ‘latest stories’ on a static website where the article headline, excerpt, date and thumbnail image are to be displayed.

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Easily update WordPress with cPanel 11 and phpMyAdmin

Posted 30th September 2011


A simplified method for updating your WordPress website using the latest tools in cPanel 11.

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