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Flickr re-launches with a new look and new plans

Flickr has launched a new look and new account options.

Photo-sharing website Flickr has re-launched with a new-look and new pricing plans, including a much-improved offering for free users.

The website has been under sustained criticism for its old-fashioned user interface and the apparent lack of interest that its owners Yahoo have taken in the once-mighty website. Today’s changes may signal the start of something better for Flickr.


The new user interface does away with the whitespace of old and instead exhibits photos on a black background similar to the old “lightbox” setting. Photostream pages now present photos in ’tiles’ with a ‘cover photo’ option, similar to Facebook.


Comments are placed below the photograph but for most users, scrolling will be required to see them.


One of the biggest changes is to the paid accounts that Flickr offers.

The old Flickr ‘Pro’ accounts will be grandfathered for existing users, with new users choosing from ‘Free’, ‘Ad Free’ ($50 per annum) or ‘Doublr’ ($500 per annum) options. Some of the improved options such as increased upload limits will be added to the ‘Pro’ accounts for users who choose to renew their ‘Pro’ accounts. ‘Pro’ account holders will maintain their unlimited upload entitlement, whereas all other account holders will have a 1TB limit (or 2TB in the case of ‘Doublr’ account-holders).

A comparative chart is shown below:


In order to maintain a ‘Pro’ account, one must have had an active account at 12:00 am (midnight) GMT on 20 May 2013. No new ‘Pro’ accounts will be sold. Existing ‘Pro’ users who want to downgrade to a ‘Free’ account may be eligible for a pro rata refund until 20 August 2013.

‘Free’ account holders now have access to:

Flickr’s official blog post about the changes can be viewed here.



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