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BCC meeting recipients in Microsoft Outlook

A simple procedure to anonymise or hide all of the recipients in a Microsoft Outlook calendar invitation.

In my professional work, I co-ordinate some very large meetings that are organised via the Microsoft Outlook calendar. I don’t want to reveal the mailing list to all of the other users for privacy reasons and since Microsoft has not built a BCC (blind carbon copy) function into Outlook as yet, it’s not possible to add users to a BCC field like one can in email.

There is a method for achieving this and it works with Microsoft Office 365 in both enterprise and home editions.

Step 1

Log in to Microsoft Outlook online (i.e. webmail). This procedure will not work on the desktop version.

Step 2

Go to the Calendar and click on “New Event” and then choose “Event“.

Screen shot of email programme
Microsoft Outlook online, showing the procedure for clicking on “New Event” and then “Event”.

Step 3

Go to “Response Options” and select “Hide attendee list

Microsoft Outlook online, showing the procedure for clicking on “Hide attendee list”.

Step 4

Add the list of recipients to the “Invite attendees” field and add a description for the event.

Step 5

Ensure the “Teams Meeting” button is checked.

Click “Teams Meeting”.

Step 6

Click “Save” to send out the event. The Microsoft Teams login information will be automatically appended.

Recipents will recieve a calendar invite but will not be able to see who else is invited.



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