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Batch convert a folder of DOCX files to PDF

G20th April 2016 

C11 comments

Use this handy PowerShell script to convert all Microsoft Word DOCX files in a directory into Adobe Acrobat PDF files.

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RGB to HEX in Excel

G24th March 2016 

C11 comments

Use Microsoft Excel to convert Red-Green-Blue (RGB) values into hexadecimal colour codes and display the relevant colour graphically beside each output.

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Rearrange Excel columns via Visual Basic

G16th March 2016 

C15 comments

A simple VBA script for rearranging the order of columns in an Excel spreadsheet.

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Convert CSV to XLSX via PowerShell

G9th March 2016 

C37 comments

A nifty PowerShell script that will take a delimited CSV file and convert it to a XLSX file.

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VBA: Create a list of all external data references in Excel

G15th September 2015 

C3 comments

Use this simple Visual Basic for Applications script to list every external link within an Excel workbook.

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Applying dates to normalised data in Excel

G19th July 2015 

CNo comments

Use this formula to apply dates to all variables in a normalised linear list data set in Excel.

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Format mail-merge date fields in Microsoft Word

G16th July 2015 

C6 comments

Microsoft Word will format dates as mm/dd/yyyy as the default in mail merge documents. The field codes can be changed to enable dates in any format.

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Easily generate Code 128 barcodes in Excel

G29th May 2015 

C60 comments

This simple methodology can be employed to reliably generate Code 128 barcodes in Excel.

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Combining R1C1 and A1-style cell referencing in Excel

G11th May 2015 

C3 comments

Use R1C1 cell referencing in Excel equations whilst the programme is still set to A1-style.

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G22nd January 2015 

C1 comment

INDEX MATCH represents a much better way to search for data in Excel tables than VLOOKUP because this combination is much more versatile.

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