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Export an R data frame into a formatted Excel sheet

Posted 22nd March 2024

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A straightforward method for exporting an R data frame to a formatted Excel workbook.

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Remove sensitivity labels from Office files

Posted 14th October 2022

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If your organisation utilises Microsoft Azure or Purview to apply “security labels” to your Office documents, you may be compelled to have unsightly headers and footers in your documents. There is a way around this, but it’s clunky.

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Easily create QR Codes in Word

Posted 16th May 2018


Did you know that it is possible to generate fully-functional QR codes in Microsoft Word using mail merge without the need for third-party plugins?

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Add comments to Excel formulae

Posted 29th September 2016


Are your Excel formulas getting out of control? Here’s an easy method to insert comments, so that you can keep track of what’s what.

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Duplicate Excel cells multiple times

Posted 13th April 2016

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Use this Visual Basic script in Microsoft Excel to duplicate cells a specified number of times.

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RGB to HEX in Excel

Posted 24th March 2016


Use Microsoft Excel to convert Red-Green-Blue (RGB) values into hexadecimal colour codes and display the relevant colour graphically beside each output.

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Rearrange Excel columns via Visual Basic

Posted 16th March 2016


A simple VBA script for rearranging the order of columns in an Excel spreadsheet.

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VBA: Convert text to columns for all worksheets in Excel

Posted 26th November 2015


A small Visual Basic for Applications (VBA) script which will loop through all sheets in an Excel workbook and convert text to columns.

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Combine multiple CSVs into one XLSX via PowerShell

Posted 25th November 2015


A convenient PowerShell script that will detect all of the CSV files in a directory and merge them into a single XLSX file. Each CSV becomes a worksheet in the XLSX.

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VBA: Delete all Excel columns except those named

Posted 16th September 2015


Use this simple VBA script to delete all columns in a worksheet except those that are specifically named.

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