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Welcome to ‘code.adonline’

Adam Dimech launches a brand new coding and web development blog.

Welcome to my latest project: The code.adonline blog!

The aim of this new blog is to provide detailed information to the public about my coding and technical experiences in designing and encoding my websites. web interface
The new ‘code.adonline’ website.

I spend a lot of time working on Adam Dimech Online and its associated component sites. I am a “hands-on” sort of web designer: All of the graphic design, the content and the coding (or implementation in the case of packages) is mine. Of course, I use a wide range of tools to design and build my websites and in 2011 it adds up to a massive body of work.

As one would expect with such an endeavour, things sometimes go wrong. Occasionally seriously wrong. Perhaps a WordPress update broke some code on my blog. Or perhaps I wanted to achieve a design or programming outcome for which there as no publicly available code. That’s where this site comes in.

If I develop a coding solution to a problem, find a good internet resource or test a PHP package I will post the code here. Additionally I will write about (important) developments in social media, web standards, browsers, software, domain names or coding.

I am a plant scientist by profession, so the articles will be solutions-driven and written in a language that amateur web designers such as myself can understand.

Without limiting the scope of this blog in any way, I tend to develop my websites in PHP, XHTML and HTML5, with layouts in CSS2 (and now CSS3), using JavaScript for certain menu and other effects and utilising libraries such as jQuery. Some of my websites are supported by a MySQL database. Since 2010, I have made sure all my websites validate.

This site is going to be fairly technical, which is why I didn’t believe that the content would suit my main blog The Grapevine. Whilst that blog will continue to be of broad appeal and scope (and will remain as my main blogging platform), code.adonline will provide a narrow and specialised compliment.




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