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Posted 24th May 2016

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Use the built-in Microsoft “robocopy” utility to move or copy files en masse.

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Batch convert a folder of DOCX files to PDF

Posted 20th April 2016


Use this handy PowerShell script to convert all Microsoft Word DOCX files in a directory into Adobe Acrobat PDF files.

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Convert CSV to XLSX via PowerShell

Posted 9th March 2016


A nifty PowerShell script that will take a delimited CSV file and convert it to a XLSX file.

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Rotate or flip multiple image files using PowerShell

Posted 4th March 2016


Use a PowerShell script in Microsoft Windows to rotate or flip large numbers of images automatically.

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Powershell: Add or remove the ‘Read Only’ attribute from files

Posted 8th February 2016

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Use Microsoft PowerShell to add or remove the ‘read only’ attribute from large batches of files in a directory.

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Batch save images into a new format via PowerShell

Posted 18th December 2015

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Use a PowerShell script to copy all images in a directory and save them into a different image file format.

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Combine multiple CSVs into one XLSX via PowerShell

Posted 25th November 2015


A convenient PowerShell script that will detect all of the CSV files in a directory and merge them into a single XLSX file. Each CSV becomes a worksheet in the XLSX.

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Batch rename files using PowerShell and a CSV

Posted 23rd November 2015


Use this simple PowerShell script to change hundreds or thousands of file names automatically, based on a CSV.

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PowerShell: Delete folders based on name

Posted 30th September 2015


Use this simple script to delete any folders in a directory (or its subdirectories) that contain a particular string or strings.

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Use PowerShell to copy all files with a certain name or extension

Posted 2nd September 2015

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Use this simple PowerShell script to batch copy files from one location to another on your computer.

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